Travel and Hospitality

Global hospitality industry is definitely on the rebound, but it faces some new challenges. These include rapidly changing guest demographics and the ever-growing influence of new media.

The Hospitality industry has for sure undergone rapid changes in recent times. With increased competition, it has become imperative to identify and implement advanced IT support systems to meet critical challenges such as escalating costs, customer retention, shortage of manpower, environmental compliance and ensuring service consistency throughout the value chain.

To meet these challenges, Sreeya Inc. hospitality clients leverage its expertise in areas such as IT consultancy, project management, applications development & maintenance, infrastructure support services, and business process management.

Customers are in charge when it comes to the ever-growing hospitality, travel and entertainment industry. The Internet along with other technological advances and a shift to experiential marketing have changed the tourism industry in the last decade, putting the power into the hands of increasing demanding customers.

Hotel chains and resorts, airlines, cruise lines, amusement parks, car rental agencies and other tourism enterprises are in constant competition to court customers that are using technology to explore options, comparison shop, negotiate prices and make reservations.

Sreeya Inc. serves the hospitality industry with application development and management, CRM, digital marketing and performance management services that help organizations connect to customers, improve customer satisfaction and increase the lifetime value of the customer for organizations.


The pressure on the banking, financial and insurance industries to deliver the highest in terms of accessibility and service intensifies every day as today’s consumers expect ultimate convenience and security.

The recent downturn has given rise to a more stringent global regulatory environment and Banking and Financial Institutions need to address ever-evolving challenges. Amid tighter regulations, increased risks and ruthless competition, it’s time for BFSI companies to transform IT strategy by adapting to the evolving demands of clients and customers.

The market for public and community cloud-based offerings for software, information and infrastructure to support risk management and compliance is immature, and where available for these purposes, there is a low level of adoption among financial services firms. At Sreeya Inc. we recognize the nature of the fundamental changes in the BFSI sector and provide dynamic solutions that helps you stay ahead and retain your competitive edge.

Our operational approach and commitment to quality provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with time-tested project management techniques, customized engagement models and a proven track record of exceptional service and tangible business results.


Sreeya Inc. knows healthcare. Existing business models within the healthcare ecosystem are undergoing a dramatic transformation, brought about by rising costs and sweeping healthcare reforms and regulations.

We know that healthcare specialists are interested in improving patient care while reducing cost. From consulting to outsourcing, implementation and support, our services help clients operate at optimal performance and achieve measurable, sustainable results.

We provide state-of-the-art solutions to help healthcare providers by making information available whenever and wherever it's needed, enabling better decisions and practices at the point of care and beyond.

With our deep expertise in the health care industry, we know that health care and pharmaceutical companies need to go beyond traditional business models to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities.

Technology infrastructure is the key to deliver more connected and integrated healthcare solutions. Balancing technology infrastructure with reduced costs and improved clinical productivity will set the winner apart in these changing times.

Sreeya Inc. can equip your health care enterprise with the strategic thinking and technology-driven innovation you require to compete more effectively and respond agilely no matter what path the health care industry’s evolution takes. We help you manage the required transformation without sacrificing critical resources in the process.


A higher demand for customized products and services in the industrial manufacturing sector is leading to creation of more rationalized designs, greater standardization and modularity across products.

Global competition and the need to protect profits is forcing manufacturers in this sector to adopt best practices along with other measures to increase quality of products and services.

With globalization shrinking the world from both a supply and demand perspective, manufacturing companies are looking for new ways to make and sell their products while extracting maximum value from IT investments.

The global economic recovery, alongside strong development in emerging markets, is shifting priorities in the manufacturing industry to sustainable, profitable growth. Amidst potential supply shortages resulting in increased prices for steel, energy and human resources, companies must secure strong revenue growth, control costs and increase operational efficiency.

Sreeya Inc. helps manufacturing companies leverage emerging technologies such as mobile communications, virtualization and cloud computing to overcome competitive challenges, reach organizational goals and capitalize on opportunities. We ensure your IT systems are aligned with your business strategy.


The demanding needs and preferences of consumers in the telecom industry have led to a faster churn-out of telecom products and services. While the industry has shifted from product-centric to consumer-centric operations, there still exists a gap between analyzing customers’ needs and modifying business processes to meet those unique needs.

Moreover, the telecom industry is currently witnessing critical challenges in terms of stringent regulations, managing profit margins, diminishing ARPUs, falling customer loyalties and disruptive technology innovations.

Sreeya Inc. IT solutions and services for the Telecom sector are designed to address these key challenges and also to bridge the technology gaps pervasive to telecom service providers and equipment vendors.

We enable our clients to effectively address the challenges and opportunities brought about by technology convergence, rising competition, and demand for newer service bundles and content.


Today’s retailers are all faced with the same challenge – enhancing the customer experience and driving cross-channel efficiency while keeping up with the relentless and ever-changing demands of the consumer. Shoppers are the heart and soul of any retail business, and retailers are driven by the need to differentiate themselves in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

Mobiles have reached every corner of the globe and consumers have made them a part of their entire purchase cycle. Retailers are making the most of it by enabling customers to search, review, or purchase the products and services on the move.

Our retail mobility solutions help you achieve ubiquity and a consistent multi-channel presence through cutting-edge mobile technology. With a strong mobility strategy, elevated customer experience, brand building techniques, and power of mobility in the hands of your sales staff – you can reach every customer with the right ammunition and delight them with a seamless shopping experience.

The Mobile Application Lab offers innovative applications to help retailers expand their sales channels beyond retail stores and e-commerce sites. HTC’s solutions enable users to access retailers mobile store, search and compare products, provide alerts on events (specific to the products purchased).

With the emergence of multiple retail channels, retailers need to create a unique user experience at each retail channel in order to encourage repeat visits and purchases.

For instance, digital consumers expect a near in-store experience when shopping at an e-commerce website or a mobile storefront. We also offer a complete suite of solutions right from Point of Sales (Store and Web-based) to store management to cash office. Our applications support single-sign on - permit customers to use their social-network profiles (Facebook / Google +) to shop online and share shopping experience.

Entertainment and Media

Entertainment and media companies face a shifting landscape of ever-changing consumer habits and demands, rapidly evolving technology and emerging new business models as competition arises from multiple sectors.

The presentment of data concerning any business or professional organization should be attractive, consistent with the image of the company, and a real resource for information. Sreeya Inc. has developed communication pieces for healthcare, non-profit organizations, private businesses and professional firms.

With domain knowledge and experience, Sreeya Inc. is helping global publishing & media companies meet their digital subscribers’ demand for rich content anytime, anywhere. With new channel, networks and devices, distributing and selling digital content requires clarity and exceptional operational skills to adapt to the latest trends. We help you overcome operational challenges, enhance competitiveness, monetize intellectual property, comprehend consumer behavior and develop new business models with ease.


Sreeya Inc. works with Education Institutes on re-engineering their products, adding new functionality or co-sourcing to achieve their goals.

Campuses feature mobile platforms; wireless networks; learning management systems to access, organize, store, publish and distribute course materials online; and distance learning applications that deliver text, audio chat, video, integrated whiteboards, and screen-sharing as well as remote desktop features.

After completing an in-depth audit and discovery, we provide a variety of tech solutions and expert business consulting to the Educational institutes.

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